Changing Perceptions in Data Value and Data Management

I posted this originally on Feb 6, 2013.   

This quoted article by Martin Fowler sums up my message that I’ve been communicating with my sons.  As a software engineer and data-junkie, I strongly believe in the “genuinely important shift” that is CURRENTLY happening!   Staying ahead of the curve on this changing landscape in data management is ESSENTIAL AND REQUIRED by myself, and I see long term viability for the younger folks who will be entering the job-market.

“Big Data” has leapt rapidly into one of the most hyped terms in our industry, yet the hype should not blind people to the fact that this is a genuinely important shift about the role of data in the world.

The amount, speed, and value of data sources is rapidly increasing. Data management has to change in five broad areas: extraction of data from a wider range of sources, changes to the logistics of data management with new database and integration approaches, the use of agile principles in running analytics projects, an emphasis on techniques for data interpretation to separate signal from noise, and the importance of well-designed visualization to make that signal more comprehensible.

Summing up: this means we don’t need big analytics projects, instead we want the new data thinking to permeate our regular work.

Author: Martin Fowler.